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"Unless you have a professionally designed and treated room, TubeTraps from Acoustic Sciences Corporation are absolutely indispensible to improving your system's sound . . . There are lots of questionable acoustic products on the market, but TubeTraps are the real deal."  

—Robert Harley


ASC TubeTraps

—by Bryan Southard
- Originally published in August, 2001

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ASC TubeTraps - Creating A Listening Studio

—by Ann Turner
- Originally published in the abso!ute sound Issue 112, 1998

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The ABCs of ASC's TubeTraps

—by Jon T. Gale
- Originally published in Audiophilia Online Magazine, 1998

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Optimizing ASC TubTraps

— by J. Peter Moncrieff
- Originally published in IAR Hotline! Issue 56, 1989

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Your Room: The Final Link

—by J. Peter Moncrieff
- Originally published in IAR Hotline! Issue 39, 1985

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—by Andrew Robinson

- Originally published in August, 2011

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Winner of's Best of 2011 Award

—Originally published in December, 2011

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2007 TubeTrap Review

—by John Action for Positive Feedback Online.

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Room Acoustics - The Final Frontier Part 2

—By Roger S. Gordon for Positive Feedback Online.

Mr. Gordon recounts his experiences in setting up TubeTraps for increased imaging and a wider, deeper, more clearly delineated soundstage.

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ASC StudioTrap Review

—By Mitch Malloy for Performing Songwriter

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Follow Up Report

—By Fett for Performing Songwriter

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Peter Moncrieff's IAR Reference Rooms

—Mr. Moncrieff lays out his two Castle reference rooms

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The Trappings of Success?

—A Review of ASC's StudioTrap. Reprinted from the original Sound on Sound review from February 1999.

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Acoustic Sciences Corporation Studio Traps

—By Jonathan Scull, Stereophile Magazine , December 1998

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Treat Yourself

—By Brent Butterworth, CFG Labs, Home Theater, February 1998

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ASC 5.1 AttackWall

—By Bobby Owsinski, Create The Right Sonic Environment - and Take It With You.

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Attack Wall Acoustic Treatment

—By Michael Cooper, Audio Media , November 1998

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California Brisson and the Soundroom of Doom

—By Wes Philips, Stereophile Magazine, May 1997

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Equipment Reports: ASC Tube Traps

—By J. Gordon Holt, Stereophile Magazine, April 1986

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