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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

Home Theater Acoustics

Volume Three -- PDF Version

A single bounce is bad enough, sometimes creating a three to four dB reduction speaker output at and around the self- cancel frequency. But to have two walls reflecting waves back to the speaker at the me time is nearly intolerable. Whenever we have a speaker near a corner, there results three wall reflections, three corner reflections, and one tricorner reflection. In order to keep the self-cance11ing effect to a minimum, every one of these round trip distances should be as different from one another as possible. The most obvious setup is to keep the distances the three walls as different as possible.

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