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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

TubeTrap Specialty Layouts

Not all speakers behave the same, here you'll find some TubeTrap layouts for speakers that may fall outside standard design.

Horning Hybrid Speakers
Horning bass response in a room cornerSpeakers use room corners to augment bass response. Unlike most speakers, Hornings sound properly balanced when placed deep in a corner.
Horning bass response layoutPlacing a large TubeTrap in the corner is like opening a hole in the corner of the room. Horning Bass response is severly reduced.
Horning Hybrid Speakers-"Virtual Coner"

Virtual corner effect from Horning speakers and TubeTrapsThe "Virtual Corner" still exists between the speakers. Add a 13" or 16" TubeTrap to deepen and solidify image and improve dynamics.


Add 11" TubeTraps to side walls to pull the walls away.




If the room has an enclosed rear, add 16" TubeTraps to the rear to vent bass.

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