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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

Art Noxon on TubeTrap

Articles by Arthur M. Noxon, PE

Room Acoustics: Audio's Final Frontier | Download PDF Version
-A roundtable discussion on room acoustics, equalization, and DSP-based room correction originally published in The Absolute Sound, October/November, 2004.

The Chain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Link
-an article written for the first Hong Kong Hi-Fi Show, 1993

Trapping Bass In Your Project Studio | Download PDF Version
-an article written for db Magazine, November 1991

The Wall in the Desert
-from a lecture given at the Hi-End Audio Show in Milano, Italy, 1993

Magazine Articles by Arthur M. Noxon, PE

Home Theater Acoustics
-a five-part article in Home Theater magazine, October 1993 - February 1994
Volume 1 | PDF Version How the distraction factor of the room is important.
Volume 2 | PDF Version An overview of common home theater acoustic problems.
Volume 3 | PDF Version How resonant modes create sound cancellation.
Volume 4 | PDF Version Speaker positioning for maximum sound.
Volume 5 | PDF Version Flutter Echo/Flutter Tones in the home theater.

Modes, Modes and More Modes | Download PDF Version
- A detailed discussion concerning home theater acoustic priciples originally published in the October '05 edition of Home Theater Builder Magazine. Written by Arthur Noxon, PE, Licensed Acoustic Engineer

History of Sound Fusion Recording | Download PDF Version
-We're proud to announce that the June 2007 issue of EQ Magazine features an article by Mr. Noxon covering the history and development of our Quick Sound Field system.

AES Papers

Technical papers by Arthur M. Noxon, PE, presented at various AES Conventions.
Click on the highlighted titles to read selected papers on-line. Bound copies of the five original manuscripts are available from ASC for $25.00, postage and handling included. Please call 1-800-272-8823 to order.

These are the first two articles written by Art about room acoustics and corner bass traps. The first paper introduces the TubeTrap, shows how it is designed and how it is used in rooms. The second paper takes a look at how room modes are managed by corner bass traps.

Listening Room - Corner Loaded Bass Trap | PDF Version
-presented at the 79th AES Convention, October 1985

Room Acoustics and Low Frequency Damping | PDF Version
-presented at the 81st AES Convention, November 1986

These next two papers were written in response to the difficulty in accounting for the satisfaction from TubeTrap use when doing traditional, steady state room mode analysis, pink noise and tone sweep evaluation of room acoustics. Articulation accounted for the dynamic aspects of room acoustics. The first paper covers the details of MTF testing and the second paper looks at MTF as a global concept in performance spaces.

Articulation and the Small Room | PDF Version
-presented at the 85th AES Convention, November 1988

Articulation-Prerequsite to Performance | PDF Version
-presented at the 87th AES Convention in NY, October 1989

The next two papers are about acoustic spaces for recording. TubeTraps led recording engineers to discover that lots of very early reflections produce a better, more manageable sound than the traditional, reflection-free, dry studio recording. The first paper introduces the concept of a sampling room, highly reflective with a fast RT60. The second paper introduces the free standing QSF version of Haas Saturated recording approaches the same subject from a generalized overview.

Controlled Reflection Isolation Booth | PDF Version
-presented at the 83rd AES Convention, October 1987

Sound Fusion and the Acoustic Presence Effect | PDF Version
-presented at the 89th AES Convention, September 1990

This last AES paper by Mr. Noxon addresses the hot field of acoustic diffusion. It introduces the concept of coherent and incoherent diffusion, how to measure it and what each type is good and not good for.

Coherent and Incoherent Diffusion | PDF Version
- A discussion of various forms of diffusion and their effects on the listener.

This AES paper presents the results of a successful collaboration between Arthur, the authors who are audio engineers from Croatian Television and our Italian TubeTrap factory, Acoustica Applicata.

Room Acoustics For Eurovision 1990 (PDF)
- With the addition of TubeTraps a large music hall with a long reverb time was successfully converted to a television production stage.

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