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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

TubeTrap Layouts

We've designed the layouts for literally thousands of audiophile's rooms. Here is a summary of many of the more common room layouts that we've encountered.

For specialty speaker layouts click here.

Getting Started
Basic floor plan for audiophile listening room, corner bass traps by ASC TubeTrapStart by bass trapping the 4 corners of the room. The TubeTraps should be as close as possible to the wall, and touching the wall is perfectly okay. If there’s base moulding in the way, Traps can be as far as 1” from the wall. For nightclub or studio mixed music, fit TubeTraps tight into the corner. For classical orchestral music, pull the Traps out a few inches to let the bass be more reverberant.
What's Next
Speakers near side walls need TubeTrap type bass traps to dampen and diffuse the near wall bounce.After the corners have been bass trapped, additional TubeTraps are added to help launch the cleanest wave-front possible. This includes a center imaging stack plus side Traps at the wall, in line with the speakers.
How to Get More Detail
A real high performance listening room, with corner bass traps and wall bass traps by ASC TubeTrap.For additional control, add a center stack on the back wall plus left and right arrays along the mid-sidewalls. This will help address secondary reflections give maximum musical detail and soundstage clarity.
Playing out of Open End of “L” Shaped Room

L shaped listening room, first, correct for symmetry, add corner and wall bass traps.

Playing off a Corner
V shaped listening room acoustics include wall bounce bass traps for speakers, reflection point traps, rear corner bass trap, and front left and right bass traps, all with built in treble diffusion by ASC TubeTrap.
Widen Stage with Sidewall Backscatter
Early reflection points are simultaneously controlled by just one TubeTrap bass trap.
Side Wall Traps
Advanced acoustic control, bass traps with built-in treble diffusion also used to develop time delayed lateral ambience fed by rear wall reflections, all TubeTraps.Set the reflectors on Tubes next to speakers towards the front of the room. This will deepen the enhance room ambiance in the front of the room, and deepen the soundstage.

Set the reflectors on the small sidewall Tubes toward the back of the room.

1. Absorb early sidewall reflections

2. 2. Side-scatter late rear wall reflections
This quiets early lateral reflections which sharpens image, and it adds back late lateral reflections which create ambiance.

Playing Sideways in a Long Narrow Room
Bass traps in 4 corners, behind and between speakers and behind listening position, TubeTraps in wide shallow room.
Playing Down a Long Narrow Room
Long narrow rooms require lots of side to side bass traps with carefully dialed in treble diffusion, all by TubeTrap.
Playing out of End of “L” Shaped Room (Version 1)
L shaped listening room, corner and wall bass traps laid out to compensate for the open out listening area by TubeTraps.
Playing out of End of “L” Shaped Room (Version 2)
L shaped listening room, corner and wall bass traps laid out to compensate for the open out listening area by TubeTraps.
Playing Out of a Corner
Speakers playing out of the corner of a room need a single powerful bass trap in the deep corner, bass traps at each wall reflection points and bass traps at each side wall next to the speakers, all by TubeTraps.
Speakers too close to a wall
TubeTraps, bass traps with built in treble diffusion, used to soften the near wall bounce which eliminates the phase add cancel coloration of nearby loudspeakers. De-couple with a Half-Round or a Full-Round.
"Off - Balance" room
If room is open on one side, add TubeTrap bass traps to opposite side to regain acoustic balance, playback symmetry.  Add acoustices to the near wall, making it sound more like the open side.
Difficult to treat room (all windows or bookcases, or odd shape)
TubeTraps up close, flanking loudspeakers do not load the speaker but do absorb what would otherwise have expanded to fill the room with reverberation. Flank speakers with TubeTraps, reflectors facing back.
Cure a too close rear wall
Listening position is too close to rear wall, use bass trap TubeTraps to soften rear wall bounce. Use a series of small TubeTraps or Half-Rounds
Cancel speaker cabinet "self-resonance"
It's always good to damp out the pressure zone at the back of the speaker box with a bass trap, the TubeTrap.Use a TubeTrap behind the speaker.

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