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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

TubeTrap Rooms

Wilson Alexandria speakers with a huge set of TubeTrap bass traps in the corners behind the speakers.

Leroy Schwarz Listening Room with Wilson Alexandria Speakers

"Step 1 in ASC’s recommendations for my purpose-built listening room (e.g., double drywall screwed to articulated studs, all interior walls insulated, floating concrete floor, ) was a pair 20” Traps in the corners behind the Alexandrias. These “big reds” allow me to hear the deep, powerful bass that the Alexandrias are capable of, and liberate the midrange and treble from 'mud' that I didn’t know had been there. Not until it disappeared. Every sonic attribute is better, too; e.g., quiet spaces are quieter, the sound stage is more spacious. I had not really heard my Alexandrias until the 'big reds' took up residence. If you are using Alexandrias without TubeTraps, then I’ll bet that you’re not hearing yours either."

-- Leroy Schwarz

Dipole back waves are absorbed and diffused with TubeTrap bass traps in the corners, early reflection points are controlled with ASC Cinema Panels.

Martin Dareff's Listening Room

"ASC's products let me tune the room out of my music. Boom, blur, megaphone, side wall reflections, rear wall bounce and the rest of the room's sonic problems overcome. My first experience with ASC was more than a decade ago when I called them looking for help tuning new electrostatics into a room. ASC dialed the room right in. They are still here today to help solve a side wall reflection problem in a new room, and the fabric matches what's on the original traps and treatments. Your largest component is your room and they make the best treatments I've run across... great products, great service, great results, and I still have those electrostatics."

-- Martin Dareff

TowerTraps by Acoustic Sciences Corp., corner loaded bass traps behind speakers for mode buildup control.

Frans Deurenberg's Listening Room

"The Towertraps have arrived! All three in excellent condition. First impression is very good: the bass is much better controlled and defined.
And as an extra bonus, the mids and highs are so much better in clarity and resolution. I must say: It's impressive what these Towertraps can do!

Thank you for the time you put into 'my acoustic project'!

Best regards,

Frans Deurenberg."

-- Frans Deurenberg

B&W speakers, attic listening room, corner bass traps by TubeTrap, lateral ambience and early reflection points and absorbing diffusing sound panels by Acoustic Sciences Corp.

Marlyn Holland's Listening Room

"When I explain what I have done to my listening room to friends and family they think I've went completely overboard. That is, right up to the point when they have the opportunity walk into the room and experience a space unlike any they have previously.

. . . Every investment has taken my listening experience to yet another level. The ASC journey was worthy of the effort required and expense was truly an investment that continues to yield return."

-- Marilyn Holland

Giant dipoles, rear projected wave bass trapped and diffused by Acoustic Sciences Corps Half Round TubeTrap bass trap.

Mark McMillen's Listening Room

"Well I just got done installing a bunch of Acoustic Sciences stuff: 20" SuperTraps in the corner behind the right speaker, 'Half Rounds' in the little hallway leading to my bedroom, and another Half Round between the speakers, four 'PCAD' panels and one 'MatrixPanel' behind the listening seat on the wall, and another "'MatrixPanel' on the wall over the record cabinet (first reflecion point). This is only part of the stuff ASC came up with in their free design for my room, but it was all I could afford. Really a major upgrade in the sound. Definitely a bigger improvement than 5 power cords (about the same price, too). So yeah, I feel silly not doing it sooner!"

-- Mark McMillen

Reference grade audiophile listening room, bass traps and treble diffusion on walls, corners and even the ceiling, all by ASC TubeTrap.

Ken West's Listening Room

"Well, let me know what you think. The overall sound is amazingly improved from the previous set up. It goes without saying, music reproduction is not about's about speakers interacting with a room. I'm most impressed with the fantastic flexibility of this room set up. And the subs appear to be disappearing in their original spot. Time will tell....

Thanks again,"

-- Ken West

B&W speakers, bass trap columns with hollow pedestals for added absorption power with absorbing diffusing sound panels on walls to develop lateral ambience, all by ASC TubeTrap.

Dawn Boyle's Listening Room

"Dear Art,

It has been 1 year since I first fired up my system. All of the electronic equipment has been properly burned-in now. I have taken my time in learning to tune my tube traps and now believe I have found the magic placement: the midrange is glorious, crystal-clear sound staging, lots of air around instruments and fast, tight, deep bass!

I just wanted to let you know that it was a dream come true working with you and your staff @ ASC!"

-- Dawn Boyle

Bass traps in corners and centered between speakers with wall reflection turned into lateral ambience by absorption diffusion sound panels by ASC TubeTrap.

Ferdinand LuDo's Listening Room

"Dear ASC,

I know the investment we placed on the Sound Panels and Bass traps was phenomenal 5 years ago but the outcome was well worth it.

We have visitors from all over the country and some parts of the world. They cannot believe the sound coming out of the room regardless of the speakers that we set-up.

The layering, the soundstage, the decay, the little nuances, details, the holography and involvement in music is just an immense experience. While the equipment used in this room are top notch, I believe their performance is taken to another level with the ASC treatment. It was well worth the effort.

Thank you ASC."

-- Ferdinand LuDo

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