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TubeTraps diffuse treble ambience and trap unwanted bass boom.  They upgrade the acoustic S/N signal to noise ratio which makes better recording and better listening environments.Custom TubeTraps with Avalon Speakers in Hybrid Home Theater
create an Audiophile Listening Room Setup.
Songwriter's One Room Studio
TubeTraps transform an "L" shaped room into a Control and Live Room.
TubeTraps and B & W Speakers
create a fantastic Home Cinema Room.

TubeTrap Technical Details

Another unique feature is the adjustable diffusion grid built into the TubeTrap. The specular diffusion panel that covers half of the TubeTrap is an acoustic choke (L) which is sized, ported and mass loaded to backscatter the treble range.

Absorption Coefficients

Absorption curves for TubeTrap set up as a corner bass trap

Adjustable treble diffuser is set into the room for these real world bass trap tests.
*Tested in corners with reflector panel facing into the room

Design Rolloff & Crossover Frequencies
Diameter Rolloff Frequency Crossover Frequency
9" 110Hz 400Hz
11" 90Hz 400Hz
13" 70Hz 400Hz
16" 55Hz 400Hz
20" 40Hz 400Hz
General Description
  • Standard length of 4 ft. (47-1/2" actual), custom lengths available
  • Adjustable diffusion above 400Hz
  • Broadband bass absorption
  • Locate in corners for best results
Audiophile listening room acoustics with TubeTrap bass traps including absorptive/diffusive grid on walls, bass traps in corners behind speakers, image and soundstage trap between speakers and the classic acoustic Persian carpet.

Here's an example of front-end control in this room with all concrete wall and wood floor. There's a suspended acoustic ceiling, upper traps are not needed, just the lower half of the room needs to be controled.

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